About Us

About Narayan Foundation

Narayan Foundation is registered Non Profit/ Non- Government professionally managed voluntary organization engaged in the activities for development of Children, Women & Youth with particular focus on Education, Food, Health Awareness and Empowerment. Narayan Foundation is also a leading Global Talent Development Organization of India. The organization enjoys credibility with a large number of departments in Govt. of India and the State Governments and has carved out a niche for itself all over the country.

To accomplish the mission of making a difference in lives of underprivileged children in and around Ashram, undertaking the integrated education and health care program for the children. It is our aim to ensure basic quality education to the deprived children. We would like to organize session, group discussions with the community / parents on issue like eradication of child labor, begging, literacy and the right of every child to go to school. It would also cater to the womenfolk of the nearby slums and give preventive, curative and referral services. It’s provided the services in the following State: Gujarat

Mission: To empower and uplift the poor and underprivileged communities through a multi sectarian intervention approach.


Long term targeted intervention through provision of educational services to uplift the poor and disadvantaged groups. The Development of children, women, youth and other disadvantageous groups from poor economic background with particular focus on their educational, health, awareness and empowerment.

The organization is working in the following fields:-

• Computer Education • Vocational education • Medical • Health • Health Awareness • Family Welfare • RCH • Immunization • School Health • Health Education • Prevention of AIDS • Medical Mobile Camps • Orientation Camps • Vocational Education Training • Women Empowerment • Service For Disables


The organization aims to provide a complete computer education and software and hardware technology training to all and build the human resources of our motherland on the new the world order. The organization also aims to accelerate software development and promote IT enable services and take all necessary steps to make India a global information technology super power and a front- runner in the age of information revolution.

Some of the Other Objectives are:-

To achieve strong, organized, scientific and technology infrastructure in basic and applied areas and provide a frame work for future national development.

To bring computer education within the reach of the poor, the backward he handicapped and physically challenged students.

To impart degree, diploma certificate and post graduate courses on computer, technology, management, engineering, education, law medical science, bio-technology, agriculture and other professional and technical courses etc.

To conduct teachers training program on computers for Nursery and other schools and institutions.

To open and run schools, colleges, computer, technical, medical, professional institutions etc. all over India.

To provide education, vocational training, employment and other rehabilitation support to the poor and helpless and achieve sustainable development and prosperity of our mother land.

To create good leaders, businessmen and professional in India by providing education and knowledge.

To establish charitable hospital and health services center for the poor and knowledge.

To provide basic needs as food, shelter and clothing to the poor, down-trodden and people of below poverty line.

To develop agriculture, horticulture, flowery-culture, animal husbandry and allied activities and promote employment in villages.

To establish agricultural research and information centers.